Plain Chapati


  • 2 cups if wheat flour
  • Water as per kneading


1. Add flour in a big pan.
2. Kneed it with water in a smooth form not dry and not wet.
3. Make small balls.
4. Hot the flat plain.
5. Roll each ball with the rolling ball and cook each chapati from both sides to light brown colour.
6. Apply butter or ghee on one side for serving.

Cooking Time (Minutes): 15

Chapati is popular Indian flat bread made with wheat flour. They are cooked on grill or on flat pan. Paratha is an Indian chapatti layered with fat made from whole wheat flour. It’s also popular in other countries such as Singapore, Burma, and Malaysia. Parathas are high in fat as they are fried or cooked with oil, butter or ghee. Parathas like Chapatti are also stuffed with different fillings like potato, cauliflower, broccoli, radish and coriander.

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