Spinach with Green Gram Pulse


  • 1kg spinach
  • 200g green gram pulse
  • 1 onion
  • ½ tsp ginger
  • ½ tsp garlic
  • 2 tomatoes
  • Salt, red and black pepper as per taste
  • 1 tbsp shredded cheese .
  • 1 tbsp oil


  1. Soak pulse overnight and boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Wash spinach and chop it finely.
  3. Sauté spinach with salt to make it dry.
  4. Dice onion and tomatoes.
  5. Sauté onion, ginger and garlic till golden brown.
  6. Add tomatoes, spinach to onion mixture and cook till it is smooth in consistency.
  7. Mix this mixture in the pulse and cook for 10-15 minutes to get pulse ready.

Spread Shred Cheese on Top

Cooking Time (Minutes): 5

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